February 22, 2019
For many years before he founded his Saylersville, Kentucky law firm in 1991, Grover Arnett was very busy making sure he had all the education he needed. He received his law degree from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University and passed the Kentucky Bar exam, he began to practice in 1989. In the decades since then,Grover has worked hard to establish The Grover Arnett Law Firm, the firm’s namesake has grown it and built it into one of the finest full-service law firms in the state of Kentucky.

The Grover Arnett Law Firm features an experienced team of attorneys who work primarily in car accident, wrongful death and other types of personal injury cases, but they also handle Social Security Disability claims, and they are counted among the top 10 firms in the state for workers' compensation law in the state. Besides his considerable civil law experience, Grover Arnett also spent five years as Magoffin County Attorney, where he was an exceptional criminal prosecutor. That experience on both sides of cases makes him an excellent partner to his clients.